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On-site information notice for exhibitors

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Read the on-site information notice before your arrival: information notice 

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Exhibitors list

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Conference program

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China Helicopter Exposition

September 2015 

(Exact dates to be confirmed) 

Industry Base of The AVIC Helicopter - Free Trade Zone of Tianjin Port (Airport economic zone)

2013's Edition

OFFICIAL SUPPORT FROM : Ministry of Foreign Affairs – The National Development and Reform Commission – Ministry of Industry and Information Technology – Ministry of Commerce – The National Defense Engineering Bureau – State Administration of Work Safety – Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) – The Headquarters of General Staff of PLA

HOSTS: Tianjin People’s Government – Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) – The PLA General Staff Department of Army and Aviation

ORGANIZERS : Administrative Committee of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone and Administrative Committee of Airport Economic Area – Avicopter – France ABE Group – Avic Culture Co. Ltd–  Training Department of the Headquarters of the General Staff of the PLA – State Oceanic Administration People’s Republic of China 



China Helicopter ExpositionHelicopters play a crucial role, especially in the field of public welfare (agriculture, forestry, forest and city firefighting, fishing, construction, ocean monitoring, medical aid, meteorological service scientific experiments, training, culture, sports and police aviation), The certainty of a wide market demand in China is for these reasons an excellent opportunity to cease.

In 2010, only 206 helicopters were registered at  the Civil Aviation Administration of China.  
Knowing that helicopters are key to the Chinese development, the central government announced in 2011 the low-altitude airspace opening reform, organized through the following  3 steps:

  1. In 2011, the reform starts in a few regions;
  2. 2011  -  2015, the reform expand to cover all China;
  3. 2016 - 2020, stabilization of the reform;


A fast growth for the next 20 years.

For the next 10 years, the Chinese civil helicopter needs intend to rise up to about 1500 helicopters and will be subject to a fast growth for the next 20 years.
This future increasing needs in the Chinese civil helicopter market is one of the main reason to accompany the world helicopter giants to participate to the exhibition.
Tianjin was chosen to host the gathering thanks to its importance as being the major centre of Civil Aviation Investment in China. Both Airbus and Eurocopter have significant manufacturing facilities within the large industrial park which the centre piece of China's Civil aviation ambition.

China Helicopter Exposition opening ceremony

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2013 Edition

China Helicopter Exposition 2013

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